If you ask me what’s the best material for tent poles and what’s the best camping tent, I can not give you a precise answer. Because according to your essential purpose and features, different materials of tent pole might be modified totally. Currently, there are six common materials in the markets, that’s aluminum, carbon fiber, fiberglass, steel, composite materials, and air beams.

Steel Tent Pole

substantial body of the steel tent pole can protect the canvas from collapsing

As we all know, steel is massive, and so you can use steel poles in car camping tents. Most of these steel poles are in the style of the cabin where all the legs poles are steel. This steel tent pole is also used in tunnel tents. With the development of our requirement, there are also some dome-shaped outdoor tents with steel poles. When you are encountering a big windy day, the tent with steel tent pole might be a perfect match. In this condition, its substantial body can protect the canvas from collapsing. For adventurers who don’t have to go too far for camping, this tent with steel tent pole is an ideal choice. And if you are confronted with a rolling stone, the high rigidity of steel tent pole may save your life. Besides, the tent of the steel tent pole is cheap but excellent. For home who can not afford other shelters, the tent equipped with steel tent pole would be suitable. However, considering it might be accessible to duffer from steel corrodes, their durable years might be short.

carbon Fiber Tent Pole

aluminum tent pole is used for its advantages of light weightiness

Compared with the tent equipped with a steel tent pole, carbon fiber tent pole might be more light. Carbon fiber tent is solid, and usually, they are lighter than tents with a steel tent pole. For hikers and adventurers who love camping at a very long distance, this outdoor tent might be the best camping tent. But one thing we can not ignore is its high cost, and not everyone can afford it.

Aluminum Tent Pole

outdoor tents supported by fiberglass tent s might be heavy

Aluminum tent pole is used for its advantages of light weightiness. A man can easily be bent but not break it. However, this tent with aluminum tent poles will bend at winds of 80 mph or so. You can repair it in the field. Similarly, it is too expensive, and can not be used for camping near the sea since it is vulnerable to salty water. Once this outdoor tent meets salty water, it can destroy it quickly.

Fiberglass Tent Pole

this tent equipped with composite equipment is made from aerospace grade composite materials

Fiberglass tent pole is the cheapest material used for tent poles recently. Usually, this outdoor tent with fiberglass tent is an excellent material and flexible. Its heaviness might be a problem too.but in some cases; it can be split and cracked under stress. So, it is not the best camping tent for all seasons.

Composite Materials

this air beam tent pole adapts to the wind and restores its shape instantly.

Next is the composite materials. Its flexibility can be a bright spot since this tent equipped with composite equipment is made from aerospace-grade composite materials. Although you are confronted with heavy wind, this tent pole will not break and return to their original shape. Aerospace-grade S-Glass composite materials promise their strength.

Air Beams

carbon fiber tent is solid, and usually, they are lighter than tents with a steel tent pole

The final one comes to the air beams. The air beam tents are growing in popularity recently. One can easily set up it in a few minutes, so it also is called instant tents. An excellent feature it bost is it does not oppose the wind, it adapts to it and restores its shape instantly.

A camping tent can make or break your vacation. As for the best camping tent, we give you some suggestions according to the professional experience.

For a company who knows a thing or two about camping, the top might belongs to the REI CO-OP Kingdom due to its spacious room. That explains why this tent becomes the best camping tent. Its spacious interior storage can be divided to create separate rooms, doors. This outdoor tent is produced for hikers and adventurers.