With the advent of modernization and urbanization,more high-tech materials are used to produce tent poles, including aluminum, fiberglass, carbon fiber,  steel, composite material, and air beams. For the society is witnessing development, the tent pole technologies are improving with more high-quality materials used in this production. Of course, not all materials are included in it since it’s about purpose and budget. When one chooses tent poles, the element of those tent poles can not be ignored.AS you realize from the materials above, this affects the weight, strength height of the tents. According to the purpose, replacement tent poles are divided into several kinds of materials. Five features, including weight, price, flexibility, strength, and durability, are considered carefully when choosing a tent. Just like we must analyze one thing from different aspects,  selecting a tent must combine those factor with your purposes.

Aluminum Tent Poles

the replacement tent pole with aluminum material can retain its features when meeting extreme weathers

Used mainly inexpensive and lightweight backpacking tents, tent pole technologies allow this tent available for some people. However, even a large family camping tent comes with such poles because of its high strength. Compare it with the fiberglass, you will find that it is more tensile with a tube that is both with a smaller diameter and thinner walls. That’s to say, and it is lighter. With more advanced tent pole technologies, replacement tent poles are obtainable for those superior tents nowadays. When encountering extreme weathers like cold temperatures, the replacement tent pole with aluminum material can retain its features. Conversely, tent poles with fiberglass will not. Since aluminum tent poles are vulnerable to destroy,some producers adopt some new tent pole technologies like anodizing to protect them from corrosion. Those replacement tent poles made out of aluminum will bend instead of break. Even if those replacement tent poles are damaged, you can quickly repair them in the field.

Fiberglass Tent Poles

this tent fiberglass poles combined with steel or aluminum is mostly used in summer camping tent

As one of the cheapest materials used for tent poles, those replacement tent poles can be easily found in many affordable tents. Due to the low investment in developing tent pole technologies, it was cheap. Commonly, those materials of tent poles are designed for car camping dome and cabin style tents. Your tent may have fiberglass poles combined with steel or aluminum replacement tent poles. Considering they are vulnerable to split and crack under stress and might shatter at low temperature,  these replacement tent poles are mostly used in summer camping tent. Inexpensive and easy to produce promise those replacement tent poles can be available in every tent stores. If you are trapped by money, those replacement tent poles might be the right choice considering its suitable price and long durability. Just as one coin has two sides, although its advantages, there are some shortcoming. Careful handling is required. Since those replacement tent poles are not as strong as aluminum, they are built thicker and therefore heavier. This tent pole is the production of high tent pole technologies.

Carbon Fiber Tent Poles

this green tent supported by carbon fiber poles is solid and lighter.

Compare with aluminum; carbon fiber poles are solid and lighter. But they are also costly for most adventurers and hikers. The capital the producers invest in their tent pole technologies is higher than other materials, so the requirement for those tent pole technologies are strict to produce those carbon fiber tent. If one is going to somewhere remote, this tent pole made out of from carbon fiber tent poles are the best match. There is one thing that you need to pay attention to is the features of such replacement tent poles depend on how well engineered they are. Regarding flexing and bending, the performance of these poles is not good enough. Tent pole technologies are not advanced enough to change its natural feature.

Steel Poles

this green tent supported by steel poles is stable and solid

As you know, steel is heavy, so the replacement tent poles with steel are usually in cabin style tents where all the leg poles are steel. This steel tent pole is also used in tunnel tents. With the development of tent pole technologies, there is also some dome-shaped outdoor tent with steel tent poles. When you are encountering a big windy day, the outdoor tent with steel tent pole with high tent pole technologies might be a perfect match. In this condition, its substantial body can protect the canvas from collapsing. For adventurers and hikers who don’t have to go too far for camping, this tent with steel replacement tent poles is an ideal choice. And if you are confronted with a rolling stone, the high rigidity of steel tent poles may save campers’ lives. Besides, the tent equipped with a steel tent pole is cheap but excellent. For people who cannot afford other shelters, the tent with steel tent poles would be suitable. However, considering it might be accessible to suffer from steel corrosion. Thus their durability might be short.