In modern society, many people like outdoor activities, for example, camping; they think it is a way to relax. If you want a good quality of tent, you must pay attention to the materials of the tent poles which is the skeleton of the whole canvas. Many people are asking what the best content for tent poles is, so I determine to write this article to give you a reference to choose the tents. Briefly, whether the tent pole material is good or bad depends on how and where you will use it.

There are some kinds of materials which we can see commonly in the market, such as an aluminum tent pole, fiberglass tent pole, carbon fiber tent pole. Now, we can review some of them to know whether the fiberglass tent pole is the available tent pole or not.

Fiberglass tent pole

it is a fiberglass tent pole and some replacement kit which we can use when the pole was broken

Fiberglass is now the most inexpensive material which the factory uses for tent poles. So you will notice that many people who have a budget will buy the fiberglass poles tent, typically factories will put it for car camping tents and cabin tents. Many tents on the website are with fiberglass poles, for example, Coleman Namakan Fast-Pitch dome tent. Under certain circumstances, you can combine fiberglass pole with an aluminum pole, and that is the replacement tent poles for each other. If you want to camp, you’d better take the replacement tent poles in case some tent poles break. The cabin tent poles contain two kinds of materials, and it is metal in the leg poles, and it is fiberglass in the roof poles. For example, the Browning Camping Big Horn 5 tent.

Fiberglass is familiarly a favorable material and relatively flexible, but fiberglass poles tent is more substantial, the reason is that its thinness is challenging to give the high intensity as aluminum poles. You can distinguish the fiberglass poles if you see outer ferrules at their unity. But people will break such poles if they put something substantial on it.  If you put it in low temperatures, they will shatter, you’d better use it in the summer camping

What I can tell you is the benefits and defects of the fiberglass tent pole. The benefits of this material are that it is inexpensive if you have a budget, you can choose this kind of articles. Besides, it is convenient for the manufactures to produce, it won’t erode, so if you use it carefully, it can last for a long time. However, it has defects, people should use it cautiously in case that it will be broken; the weight of the fiberglass is large, so you may have some problems when you carry it outside; after a long time of use, it will have some fragments which is small, so you can’t notice these fragments, it will hurt you.

Aluminum tent poles

some orange aluminum tent poles are there and it is stronger and lighter

The factory often makes aluminum tent pole for people to use; these poles are expensive and lightweight. The reason why the price is high is that the enormous strength/weight rate. However, people use this tent poles on the top of the car, and you will find that they are much more expensive than those tents with fiberglass poles materials. Nowadays, many prominent families like to use aluminum tent poles, so that you can have a high-technology when you meet some rare situations. If you compare to the fiberglass tent poles, you will find that this kind of tent poles is stronger and softer, it is lightweight too!

What’s more, if the weather is cold, aluminum poles will maintain their specials like agility, it is not like fiberglass. But aluminum poles and fiberglass poles are the universal materials at present on the market. Aluminum can rust; so many factories use some skills like anodizing to prevent them from rot.

There are some best-famous factories and some kinds of aluminum poles. One of the famous manufactures is DAC which is the abbreviation of Dongah Aluminum Corporation (DAC) of Korea. They had a revolution of this industry 20 years ago. There are no ferrules in the featherlike poles so that it can make the weight light by up to 15%. One of the attractive designs is press-fit, which can spread the end of the interjected tube so that this skill makes it firmly held by the main tunnel. Finally, a durable structure comes. This exclusive design will appear in many expensive tents. DA17 aluminum poles are a type which people can use it for larger assembly; this kind of materials contains both flexibility and strength. So people can use the larger diameter poles to produce large arches. The maximum diameter is 28 mm at present.

it is a tent which is buiding and tent poles are there

So I hope you understand that there are no best makings for tent poles on the whole. You can choose the poles which are advisable for the tent’s characteristics and purpose. If you want to camp with massive camping tents, you have to prepare thick metal poles which are demanded this weight. So about the questions whether fiberglass tent pole is available to choose or not, your destination and styles of camping will decide it. If you want to camp in the garden, it will be the right choice.