Being a part of Camping trips or trekking comes in the life of every individual. Everyone wants to savor the delights of a camping trip outdoors at a place with beautiful landscapes along with their loved ones. For experiencing an awesome camping trip as described, you need to carry the best gear with you for convenience. One of the basic gears required for any camping trip is a tent.

Buying a tent for your trip can be a challenging task when you don’t have the upper hand in that product domain. Along with this, it is also very tough to choose from the brands which are in the market as they vary in the case of many parameters like height, waterproof tent, etc. You need to examine all of these factors before purchasing a tent carefully. This article throws light on some of the best tent brands that feature tents fitting to your different outdoor activities.

Some best tent brands are:


Coleman company Inc. under Newell Brands is one of the best tent brands that specialize in producing camping gears. It was founded by William Coffin Coleman who used to sell gasoline pressure lamps in the 1900s. Coleman is among the best tent brands as it has a wide inventory of tents that can adjust 6 to 10 persons, are high up to 7 feet, have a weight between 15 and 50 pounds and have plenty of ventilation. Some of their best tents products are:


Coleman Octagon

Coleman Red Canyon

Coleman Hooligan

Coleman Sundome

this is a tent with huge accomodation, good quality and full functions, and its ventilation allows more fresh air in


Kelty is an excellent Colorado-based backpack, waterproof tents, and sleeping bags manufacturing company owned by Exxel Outdoors LLC. It is one of the best tent brands which was founded by Asher “Dick” Kelty in 1919. Kelty designs premium quality backpacks and waterproof tents or tarp under tent which are best for stargazing. Kelty features under the best tent brands as it has tents under three models named Mirada, Outback, and TN2. Some of the best tents manufactured by Kelty are:

Outfitter Pro

Trail Ridge 6




it is a good tent choice for a lone hiker looking for excellent ventilation, easy setup, and reliable durability at an affordable price

Bo and Renate Hilleberg founded Hilleberg, a Swedish tent-making company in 1973. Their

legacy is transferred to their two kids named Rolf and Petra. Hilleberg ranks among the best tent brands as they specialize in designing high-quality lightweight and waterproof tents that are ideal for expeditions and harsh environments like snow. Some of their best tents are:

The Keron

The Nano Ultralight tent

The Nammatj versatile expedition tunnel tent

The freestanding Staika dome tent

The Akto single hoop tunnel for solo campers

it is perfect for singular trekking and walkabouts, and the Eureka Solitaire is lightest, most compact three-season solo tent made by Eureka.

The North Face

The North Face is an American outdoor gear manufacturing company founded by Douglas Tompkins and Susie Tompkins Buell. Although they deal with various kinds of gears, the tents and their tarp under tent designed by them provide fierce competition to the best tent brands. They are best for frigid environments and can fit up to four people. North face’s Stormbreaker 2 is their most popular product in the market and is worth a try. Some other great tents are


Homestead super dome

Assault 3

Mountain 25


It is an eight-person expedition tent for base camp, and its height makes standing a little easier, and cutting down on the neck cramps.

Big Agnes

Just like their motto, “Life is too short of using bad camping gear,” Big Agnes is one of the best tent brands that offer the best quality products to their customers. Apart from making sleeping bags and pads, they also excel at producing premium quality tents that fit the varying needs of the customers. With a colorful and waterproof tarp under tent, their tents are ideal for rainy places and are easy to carry. Big Agnes offers the below-mentioned tents:

Tiger wall UL2

Copper hotel HV UL2

Copper Spur HV UL1

Fly Creek HV UL2


this is a Big Agnes tent which is weatherproof, lightweight, and portable

All the products are best in their ways as they are offered by the best tent brands and will help you make a right decision.