With people having more and more camping activities, their demand for cheap tents is growing increasingly. When they but tents, sometimes they might ignore an important point: the tarp under a tent. You might ask what tarp under the tent is? It is another cloth made of the particular material, and we put it under our tent. We all know that the cloth of the tent at the bottom is endowed with the waterproof ability, and it seems that you don’t need a tarp. So why the tarp under tent is mentioned here? Do you need the tarp under tent before camping? My answer is no. You don’t need a tarp under tent. However, lots of advantages of using a tarp under tent will appear later.

a man is disclosing the tent to show us the tarp under tent

If you go for camping, the procedure of setting up the tent in unavoidable, the tent can provide you a warm and comfortable shelter, so that you can take a good rest and have a deep sleep in the wilderness, and you will have more energy to focus on your activities. So how to erect and stake the tent correctly is significant for you. Before we go camping, there are lots of elements we need to concentrate on: the weather, the location, and so on. So faced with the versatile tents, you need to pick the one that suits you most.

There are several purposes served when you have a tarp under tent. The main one is to keep you dry in case the leakage of water. Always remember that your tarp is compatible with the similar or bigger size as the floor of your tent. If the tarp does not match the tent, water may run into your tent and start to puddle you. It will both make you in trouble and can lessen the life span of the tent.

there is tent with tarp setting on outdoor

The tarp under the tent will prevent any possible moisture from entering the tent when you be in the forest. And it is difficult for most people to predict the weather and are not able to plan ahead and well prepare. In case more torrential rain pours down than you have thought, you’d better buy the tarp under a tent in case of emergency.

in the forest, there is a large tent

Another advantage is to protect your tent. People know that camping gear is not affordable to every family, and sometimes it will take a lot for a big family. So it is a need for us to protect your tent. Just as you use a phone case, putting a tarp under the tent is necessary, for it serves the same purpose. Furthermore, the tarp will prevent abrasion to the bottom of the tent when you use the tarp under tent. For some locations, specifically rural and mountain areas, are covered with sticks, sand, rocks, and thorn. Putting a tarp under tent will protect your tent from tearing. What is more, it can keep the floor of the tent clean and from getting dirty and muddy. Compared with the whole tent cover, it is easier to clean.

When choosing the tarps, always remember that you should pick one which is relatively convenient to set up for those who are not possessive of manipulative ability. Nobody likes getting into trouble when trying to set up the tent over and over again, especially when it is going to rain. Besides the ease of use, you also need to choose a durable tarp. Although there are many cheap tents on the market, many of them won’t last.

this is green tent providing us enough space to rest

Although tarps have such pros from above, actually it is not the only option on the market for you to keep you dry and persist the wind, such as the rain-flies, lawn tarps, plastic sheets, and so on. For example, if you go climbing alone, it is recommended that you can buy a one-person tent, and there are lots of options for cheap tents but good-qualified. There are many tents on the market named “The best one-person tent,” and 1-Person Tent from ALPS Mountaineering is worthy recommended to you. It has 75D 185T polyester fly, factory sealed seams, 75D 185T poly taffeta floor, and durable zippers. You can also buy a tarp under tent that could keep you warm and dry. And remember whatever tarp you choose, you have to make sure to set up your tent on high ground to guarantee your safety.

Apart from the tarts, other elements need to be focused, such as the tent weight, the steel tent pole, the space room, and so on. Hope you could find your best one-person tent!