If you like camping and you always take lots of time in the excellent outdoors; a cabin tent may be just what you need to spend your holidays outdoors honestly. The cabin tent is usually more substantial than the ordinary dome-type tent, and you can almost walk comfortably in the camp because of the vertical walls. This type of field is the first choice for camping with many people. But how to get a suitable cabin tent? Here is some information; we hope it can help you.

The Strong Points of a Cabin Tent

it is a fashionable and beautiful cabin tent which can contain 12 persons and it has 3 rooms

The reason why we call it as cabin tent is that its exterior and function are more like cabins than tents. So firstly, you must confirm whether a canopy which is like a cabin is suitable for you and your mates. There is more space to allow more campers or families to sleep in and it also has more equipment space, the tent has near-vertical walls help to create more internal space, but it doesn’t matter, the people can also set the tent up. Many people are tall, but the shelter can contain tall people, and they can walk around inside. It can create such kind of rooms. Most cabin tents have built-in or detachable areas to insure secrecy, or we can have bedrooms and living rooms in the cabin tent.

The Weak Points of a Cabin Tent?

it is a lovely cabin tent and it has doors and windows and the door is like the letter"D"

Although the cabin tent is relatively spacious, it means that they will be more significant when people finish packing the tent. Therefore, when you prepare to drive to the campsite, it is a suitable choice for “camp.” But, it is not ideal for backpacks because of its size and weight. Because of the size of the tent, it is hard for one person to build. So they are the most suitable for group or family camping.

How to Choose a Suitable Cabin Tent Size

it is a blue and white cabin tent and it also has a little tent which can be used to cover some tools

The primary and likely the most considerable element is the size. You wouldn’t like to stay outdoors and bear keeping in it which is too crowded for your friends or your relatives, and you wouldn’t like a tent which doesn’t satisfy you. If three people want to camp and you are a group, then a four-person tent may be suitable. If you wish to larger space for a three-person group, then you can choose a more massive tent even you can choose a 5 person tent. If four people want to camp, and you want a bigger tent which can contain your things, a 5 person tent is also suitable for you, it can provide you more space, and you won’t feel crowded in the 5 person tent. If you want to have more space, you can choose the same width as a six-person or seven-person shelter. If containing a large number of your items is crucial for you, you need to think it twice while choosing. If you go camping with your five campers and you want to place all the things in the tent, then the five-person tent will not meet your needs. Internal height will be another element which can influence your choice. If you are tall and you want to walk around in the tent freely, it is essential to choose the center height carefully. For example, if you travel in a small car or motorcycle with a tiny trail car, it is also necessary to know the size of the tent when it is put away.

it is a inner environment of the cabintent and nine people can sit in the cabin tent

Fiberglass Tent Pole

When you choose the cabin tent, there are some tent pole materials to allow you to choose, for example, the fiberglass tent pole. We often divide the fiberglass tent pole into some types. Whether the choice of fiberglass tent pole is right or not depends on the size of and height. It is easy to break if you don’t manage it carefully. If you take your big family to have the fun of camping in the garden, then you’d better choose the cabin tent, and the glass rod can meet your needs, and you can use it for 3 to 5 years.

Number of Rooms

If you want to make your living room depart from the have your sleeping area separate from your bedroom, or you want your child sleep alone in another room, you’d better notice the number of rooms or room clapboards. You must make up your mind if you wish to use a permanent separator or a removable separator, and whether you want to squeeze it into an on and off.

Other Devices

You need to have a favorite style of windows. Besides, door size, deposition, and the number of doors are different elements you should consider. Similarly, you can see mesh roofs which some tent has. It is a significant characteristic which can provide a beautiful view for you during the day and night. It is also convenient for you to camp when the weather is hot so that it can ventilate well.

it is a cabin tent which is built in the garden and many trees are around it and the light is so beautiful

Ok, I introduce the features of cabin tent to you, including the advantages, disadvantages, the skill of how to choose. The cabin tent is a right choice for you to camp with your large group of mates, don’t hesitate, and go for it. If you have any doubts, don’t be shy to ask us. We are here for you.