In recent years, camping is becoming more and more popular. We know a good quality of the canvas is a significant point to determine whether we will have a good or bad camping experience. There are many tent styles on the market, such as triangle tent, dome tent, hexagon tent. Dome tent is one of the most popular tents. Now, there is some crucial information about the dome tent, and it will help us when we prepare to go camping.

What is Dome Tent?

it is a fashinable and aviliable blue dome tent and the orange color cloth is around the pole

The dome tent originated from the yurt, and it is beautiful and practical, and the cost is relatively low. With double-bar cross support, it is relatively easy to disassemble and assemble. It is one of the most popular styles on the market. Sometimes, people use it as a low-cost structure in residential buildings and place their shingles roofs, circuits, pipelines, and small hot furnaces in the tent. It is enough for people to use for temporary residence.

The Advantages

it is a dome tent which stand on the grassland and dark clouds are in the sky

The most significant advantage of a dome tent is that its wind resistance is outstanding. People can carry the dome-shaped camping tent, and quickly, the price is low, and its lightweight is suitable for general leisure travel. This kind of shelter is mainly in the shape of a dome, weighing about 2 kg with a single layer, and it is suitable for general small family travel. W designed for a wide range of applications, from low altitudes to high mountains, and from single-person accounts to sizes that can accommodate more than a dozen people. The bracket is simple, so the installation and removal are speedy.

The Disadvantages

it is a dome tent which the color of the top is orange and it stands stably

Because its windward side is equal, the wind resistance is worse. If we want to camp at a high altitude, this tent is not easy to keep warm. when we want to camp in the wind day, we can put the slope facing the wind; it will be more stable

How to Choose A Suitable Dome Tent Size

it is a dome tent with completed design and the yellow color makes it easy to see in the night

The number of people and the size of space determine the size of the canvas you want to select. If you need personal space, choose a single account; if you’re going to experience the outdoors with your loved one, buy a double account; if you’re going to go out with your family and friends, you can purchase Ozark trail 4 person dome tent, and Ozark trail 4 person dome tent contains a main hall and bedrooms. Ozark trail 4 person dome tent is the essential family gathering equipment. But please remember that shelters of this kind of tent are not only loaded, but also contain other items so that we can leave plenty of room, many tents have a foyer, but the size and quantity are different. It is best to take into account the space required for the item at the time of purchase.

Tent Pole

There are mainly two kinds of tent poles, aluminum alloy rod, and glass steel rod. The advantage of the aluminum alloy rod is its durability; the glass steel rod will break when we use it frequently or when we use it in the low temperature which will cause the failure of camp building. In addition to bending, the aluminum alloy rod will not frequently break in regular use, and the integrity of the aluminum alloy rod is better than that of the glass steel rod.


Many people are incredibly concerned about the importance of the tent. Everyone wants to go out with a light “house,” but we don’t recommend the blind pursuit of light. If the shelter is too light, it will directly lead to a decrease in insulation.


Most people tend to choose colors of dome tent according to their personal preferences, but if you want to reduce the impact on the natural environment, low-light green and brown palladium is a right choice, high-bright color tents look bright and easy to find. Also, the color of the canvas will affect the light and temperature of the inside tent. High-brightness tents have higher light transmission, and the heat that is transmitted it will be higher; the low-light shelters will have reduced light transmission, and will also block some natural heat sources provided by the sun, and this kind of color will affect individuals activities.

How to Build a Dome Tent

The 1st step: Spread the tent and put it on the ground

The 2ed step: Remove the bracket and connect the folded brackets

The 3rd step: Insert the bracket into the mouth of the cross on the tent

The 4th step: Clamp the bracket’s bracket into the first hole of the strap at the four corners of the canvas, and then support the four brackets in turn. The prototype of the tent comes out.

The 5th step: Put the four-corner strap on the other hole and fix it to the ground with the grounding stud.

The 6th step: We set up the tent initially, but in the outdoors, it may encounter wind and rain. For preventing the tent from being blown down by the wind, we should fixe it with a rope on the top of the canvas.

Here are the five aspects which are all about dome tents, you can refer to that information and choose the dome tent styles as you like. If you have some other questions, please leave a message below, we will be here for you.