Camping is an excellent way to de-stress and enjoy for families. The rise in this mode of past-time has also increased the availability of different options to suit campers’ needs and tastes. Camping in its literal sense isn’t what we all aren’t familiar with. From the mini stove to the muddy environment, this is something to experience. For memorable camping, here are different best family tents for you and your loved ones.

Wondering what to look for while buying your family tent? Here are the necessities.

Size: the size of your family will determine the size of the family tent to buy. Tents most times comes with an indication of the number of people that it can occupy. Also, check for height and width as you will want to ensure your stuff fit incorrectly.

Materials: various tent materials vary from polyester, nylon to polycottons. Many of them are weatherproof, and there are different best tent brands. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the materials.

Communal space: if you are looking for a space perfect for both sleep and play even during the rain, shared spaces are an ideal option.

Transport and easy set-up: some family tents come with carrying cases and poles to ease transportation. Also, look out for instant tent that can be easily pitched without hassle.

Other features: additional perks that might be of benefit in a family tent include canopies, mosquito nets, storage pockets to boost your camping quality. 

Here is a listing of the top best family tent for your camping needs.

Outwell Corvette 7AC Tent with Hawaii Chairs and an Outwell Sudbury Kitchen

Ideal for a large family, the three-bedrooms which are quite spacious even to stand up in. It is inflatable yet strong. This family tent has a two- way pump, and the power air tube system with the external valves allows a secure set up in no time. Besides, the coating is thermo-reflective, which helps in regulating internal temperatures. For icing on the cake, there are four bucket chairs and a kitchen table that can be easily folded. What a perfect way to enjoy mealtime without hassle.

Vango Anteus 600 6 Person Family Tent

Vango is a spacious tent perfect for a family to have a happy hour sleep in it two bedrooms. It is six feet tall with a twenty feet width. Also, it has built-in front canopy and PVC windows that enable you to have an excellent overview of outdoors. Being among the best tent brand,  it was built with the patent 'TBS ®II,' i.e., Tension Band System, which allows it to withstand even the strongest winds. This family tent also features a hanger for lanterns, internal pockets, and ventilation panels.

Eurohike Buckingham 6 Classic Family Tent 

In need of a tent that can be easily set up? Eurohike's Buckingham boast of a luxurious instant tent that can be made without stress. There are comfy two-person bedrooms and one end, while the other has a separate space that can contain two grown-ups. Besides, The waterproof sheet allows the communal area to stay dry all the time. More importantly, the communal space is divided by large windows and curtains, which will enable you to control the airflow. However, the groundsheet doesn't allow the width of this instant tent to be stretched to the full, and an added sheet might be necessary, especially in colder weather.


Nordisk Asgard 12.6m2 Bell Family Tent

If you are a family that adores communal ambiance, Nordisk Asgard might be what you can opt for. It comes with a center pole construction that is easy to pitch. Also, it has beautiful lights, classy beddings, and easy to carry pieces of furniture for those special evenings with your loved ones. Additional extras? It has built-in mosquito nets and ground-level windows. It is well – known as one of the best tent brands to play in.

Quechua Air Seconds 4.2 XL Fresh & Black Family Tent

Are you a small family in need of an instant tent to lay your heads? This inflatable family tent is excellent for you. Quechua tent is best known as one of the fastest tents to pitch and the lining described as ‘fresh and black’ makes it a comfortable shelter to sleep even in the heat. What’s more? The entrance has a bathtub groundsheet for those rainy days, and the windows are covered with mosquito nets. The bedrooms and the living room has storage pockets to keep your valuables. This excellent family tent has been proven to be sturdy even in tropical rainstorms and wind.

Coleman 8 Man Blue Octagon Dome Tent

An octagon designed family tent, this Coleman tent is one of the best tent brands, and it is something to desire. Six of its eight sides can be opened up, creating an excellent rotational view. It has six windows which are mosquito netted. They can be closed entirely to give you your desired privacy. Moreover, it contains pegs, ropes, and tent poles made of fiberglass, with a wheeled carry bag allowing for even an unplanned set-up.