Are you going for an adventurous trip and thinking to use your old ground camp? It’s a terrible idea. Try to use hard shell roof top tent, and they are effortless to set up and keep you away from predators, heavy rainfall, and winds.


The great thing about the hard shell roof top tent is that you can use them wherever you want, as you no longer have to depend on the ground, find a better place and set up your tent when having a family camping, stay high and enjoy. It would be like you have a house on the tree with a waterproof roof and soft foam mattresses. Isn’t that exciting?

Key Rooftop Tent Considerations

There are some points that you need to consider before buying rooftops. Things like ski boxes and racks will not be able to fit in a rooftop tent, for that you can use your vehicle’s hitch for extra storage.

There are the types of rooftop tents which may be so heavy, both in price and size. So before buying them, please check, if your vehicle can carry that load or not. And in the case, any tent pole gets broken or damaged you can buy its replacement tent poles.

 this is a two-person tent. These Roof Top Tents are made from the same quality rip-stop materials and design as their bigger brother the Kukenam but have a lower profile, pack up smaller.

Hardshell or Softshell

There is much difference between both hard shell and softshell. Softshells, as the name itself, says they are lighter in weight and price than a hard shell rooftop tent. You can purchase a soft shell around $1000-$2000. These shells are easy to fold also.

On the other hand, the Hardshell rooftop tent is robust and costly than soft shells. They range from $2000-$5000, but you will be safer in these shells during a thunderstorm or heavy winds when family camping is going. In case, if any pole gets damaged in heavy winds, you can purchase their replacement tent poles.


it can an accommodate up to two people and its four large internal pockets is for storing gear and camping accessories

Rating of rooftop tents

After a complete research and reading the reviews of several consumers, we have rated these rooftop tents. After that, we have also calculated the ratings from a number of publications like HiConsumption, Gear Junkie and Gear We are.

this tent can connect to the back of any SUV, minivan, crossover, wagon, Jeep Wrangler hard top, or pick-up truck with cap, with or without a roof rack


This rooftop tent is the best among all because this is spacious from inside with 23 cubic feet of storage space. Apart from that, you have the option to remove the mattresses and use it as a cargo box or to carry skis.


It contains two doors, two windows. Hence two adults can comfortably relax inside this tent when going a family camping. This particular hard shell roof top tent has released in 2018 itself that is the reason that you will not find many reviews about that. But, the expert sources like Gear patrol has rated Hybox highly.


the tent attaches to the roof of your vehicle and sets up in just minutes, keeping you safe and secure as you sleep

Tuff Stuff Ranger Overland

The tuff stuff overland rooftop comes in the size of 90*90 inches, which means that the two full-grown adults can comfortably fit into this space. The installation process of the tank is easy and takes only an hour by two people. “The quality of this Hard shell roof top tent is very high, but the price is low, which you will not find in any other shell” its a review by a consumer.

the tent frame poles and included telescoping ladder are made from lightweight and durable anodized aluminum while the hinges are constructed from stainless steel

Yakima Skyrise 3

This hardshell rooftop tent is just as amazing as the beauty of nature. They are designed in a way that you can comfortably sleep inside it by having a view of stars. Don’t worry; the roof is waterproof with a double-layer window. The plus point of using this hard shell roof top tent is that it will work with an annex room and kayak rack also, both are the accessories of Yakima

the optional Annex of the tent provides privacy and has windows and mosquito netting to ensure an enjoyable outdoors experience

Front Runner Featherlight

Featherlight is the only light and right hard shell roof top tent. It weighs only 100 pounds which is very less than the other top tents. This tent is waterproof, heavily built and breathable. It also includes other beneficial features like interior pockets, mesh window, and overhead velcro light loops. This hard shell roof top tent is really so lite to put.v

James Baroud Grand Raid

It is one of the most expensive hard shell rooftop tents. It has included various impressive features like a 360-degree panoramic view, solar power ventilation system(can run for 24 hours in single recharge). It is very spacious and can hold up to 3 people at a time.

the black rooftop tent is set up on a jeep in a yard, which build a cool shelter in the blistering summer days