Looking for an affordable tent that can be used in mild weather conditions? Just relax and end your search with Coleman six-person instant tent.


As the name itself describes it, it’s a tent which can be installed instantly with no great efforts. You hardly take a minute or two to set this tent because the roof poles and four side poles are pre-attached to the tent. This instant tent comes with 6 feet and 2 inches of height, isn’t it's enough for you guys?


The tent is very comfortable to move as it can rotate in any direction of your choice. The roof and the walls are waterproof to save you from getting wet in case it is raining heavily outside. With an instant tent, you can enjoy the outside weather with your family and loved ones. 

Is it really for six people?

Before starting anything regarding the topic, let me tell you that this tent doesn’t include any mess but has huge windows for ventilation purpose, but you have to open them for air crossing.

Yes, you can put six sleeping bags inside the instant tent, but you all will be so cramped. This tent is basically for parents and two kids as it has the floor size of 10*9 feet only. In case you used bunk beds, then you will get enough space. In case the tent poles get damage then you can use Alaska tent and tarp tent poles.

this camping tent can accomodate 6-8 people, which offer emough room for necessities and a nice shelter for sleeping

Weather Protection

Yes, the instant tent is safe to use in case it’s raining. This tent is single-layered and designed with WeatherTec Patented System. It means that you will be safe in any weather conditions inside the instant tent. But in case of heavy wind and storm, you have to be careful  because the doors and windows of the canvas are with zippers and flaps only.


Another critical condition will be if the rain lasts for too many hours. In such situations, you have to close all the panels and vents; hence, there will be no air crossing, and then you know the results.


Hence, this instant tent is excellent to use if the weather is normal. So, please do not count this tent as a complete waterproof tool. For great waterproof experience try Alaska tent and tarp tent poles

It is a quick folding mechanism for easy assembly with 3 awning poles for covered area

Important Features

This instant tent is good to use when you are going for climbing, mountaineering, fishing or some other ordinary vacations. The inner structure of the canvas is like a complete square with having two small mesh pockets on the walls.


The durability of the fabric is very long, i.e., 150D which is better than other tent-like Eureka Sunrise EX 6 with 63D and Nemo Wagontop with 75D. Apart from the fiber, the tent poles are also solid with 16mm at the leading corner and 12mm at the roof.


As we already talked about the ventilation, which is very significant, you will not find any issue regarding the same. But, in case you close the two vents, then there is no chance that air would pass through it. You may face this condition when it’s raining heavily for several hours.


Some other advantages of this instant tents are its huge windows and height. The windows are so huge that the tent can be used inside your garden or on a beach.


Some Points to discuss

this tent is included footprint , 3 season rated, roll top cube carry bag, freestanding design, connect pole connection, quick stash door storage pockets

The Price

This tent is very affordable, and you can buy it at just $175. You will find a number of different colors of the same instant tent, the prices may differ for different colors, but the features will remain the same.

 It is suitable for 3 seasons and preferred use for hiking, expeditions, fishing, kayaking, car camping, backpacking

The Packed Size

You will not find any Information regarding packed size on Coleman’s site, which should be mentioned there. The company is very reputed; they should mention such information. By the way, the packed size of this tent is not so good; it comes in a bundle of 122*23 cm.

this camping tent can accomodate 2-3 people and is stable in bad weather

Consumer's view

This fantastic and affordable instant tent is in the market for several years. Hence it is prevalent among the users already. Apart from this, this particular tent has gained a rating of 4.6 from 5 on Amazon. Before buying any of the canvas, make sure to read all the reviews, and then decide whether the product is suitable for you or not.


this camping tent is lightweight, freestanding and easy to set up



All over, the instant tent is good to use for family picnics or some other adventure purpose. But before planning anything, it would be good if you check the weather conditions properly. The tent is waterproof, and with proper ventilation, you will not face any issue in average weather. It’s spacious too for 4 to 5 people. Don’t be so stressed to buy an instant tent from Alaska tent and tarp tent poles according to your need. There is a lot of shelters available online.