We live in a fast-paced modern world. Sometimes it can also make you exhausted. People who work in a busy city, they are accustomed to noise, and with the development of the 21st century, they will feel stressful. When people meet these situations, a trip to have some outdoor activities can release the stress wonderfully. Going camping with your friends is an attractive choice. Before you go camping, choosing a good tent is essential.

There are lots of tents on the market it is difficult to know which kind of you should choose, and there is no one who wants to spend so much money on an unsuitable tent. Here we’ll have a careful look at two kinds of camping tents which is suitable for 5 persons, and next time, you will buy the right tent which can meet your needs. We’ll discuss the main features.

Coleman Sundome 5 Person Tent

it is a green and fashionable five person tent which is built outside and it is suitable for people to camp

It is difficult for newcomers to buy a suitable tent. These newcomers are distinguished from those who want to look for a perfect canvas at a high price, but for the newcomers, Coleman’s Sundome 5 person tent is more suitable. This tent is plausibly convenient to use and easy to set up, and it also provides a handy selection of function, that means it has the absolute value of performance. Firstly, we can call Coleman Sundome 5 Person Tent as instant cabin tent. People can build the shelter quickly in 10 minutes, after finishing its building, the people will be astonished, and at the same time, they will feel happy that Coleman can do the things right. The free barrier and constant tent pole mean that people only need to feed the pole for one time. If you come in the tent, you will find that there are storage pockets on the edge of the canvas. It can make you convenient to get tools, and there is even an e-port which you can use it to run another small cable to provide power to the electrical equipment of the tent. People can use it to camp in the summer night because it has large windows to gain sunlight and ventilate. Also, you can see fascinating views. What’s more, there is also a ground vent which will let hot air out. In this tent, you will sleep well, and you won’t worry about the warm air.

That means, if the weather becomes worse, the Coleman Sundome will keep you safe. Coleman’s 5 person tent has a large number of functions, such as special weather protection, waterproof, zipper conservation. A thick and robust frame can resist winds which are up to 35mph. It is suitable for new campers who don’t know much about setting up tents, and if you want to buy a tent on a budget, you can choose this tent.

Weanas Professional Backpacking 5 person tent

it is a yellow tent and it also has a little umbrella and you can put something under it

The campers can use this tent when the number of campers is three persons or 5 persons you can regard it as a 5 person tent. You can choose the colors you like, including green, navy, azure and blue. It’s definite to say that Weanas supply a backpacking tent for everyone. The style of tent is lightweight, and it is suitable for hiking and adventure holidays. The minimum weighs of this tent is just 4.9lbs (1-2 person), and a maximum weight of the tent is 6.4 lbs. The people can build the shelter in minutes so that we can call it an instant cabin tent. The mesh canopy protect people from annoying pests, the materials of this rainfly is 201T polyester which carrying polyurethane coating, and it is convenient to protect us from rain. You can only spend $79.99-$104.99 on buying this tent which is waterproof, wind-proof, sun-proof and ventilated, it’s wonderfully suited for all seasons, and it’s wonderfully fit for budgets, too! The most attractive points is that it is easy to set up and down, you can beautifully set up the tent by yourself, the clips make the tent attach to tent poles, so you don’t have to press it into sleeves, which is the most convenient and the most worthy for people to set up tents. Besides, the canvas is suitable for three seasons, and people can also use the tent in the winter, they can regard it as a sleeping bag, what the fantastic thing is that the tent can keep dry even it is a rainy day.

it is dome tent which is built on the grassland and it is big and can hold 5 persons

These are my suggestions for the 5 person tent at present on the market.  As we can see after reading this article, the two tent brands are all famous, they are all 5 people tent and instant cabin tent, but they still have a difference. So you can choose what you like after comparing these two brands. Everyone has its aims, for the people who want going camping occasionally; they can select these two brands