Most outdoor experts believe campers can survive in the wilderness by using natural resources.

However, others rely on readymade tents for staying away from danger, especially people who enjoy hiking or backpacking alone in the backcountry. Besides, you also need some notes when hiking alone.

Compared with a large tent, one person tents is a better choice for people who are not the size of Shaq. Besides, sometimes one person tents are less expensive and more convenient than other shelters.

There is various type of tents in every place. Some can be found expensive while some are cheap. An expert camper will choose the right tent while not everyone can make the right choice.

To spend a safe and comfortable trip on the backcountry, one of the best ways is choosing a quality tent. To find the right tent easier, here are the notes to refer before making a purchase.

What to Consider When Choosing A One-Person Tent

a red one person tent with high quality installed in the green land

A one-person tent has limited space. Choosing the best one-person tent is required to make assessments from weather and your destination.

Modern tents come to our life in various characteristic, which satisfies the individual requirement. It is critical to understand what kinds of tents you can afford; then a good set budget gives you a chance to look at various tents in the same price range.

The way of choosing a best one-person tent is not different from choosing other tents. Some factors should be considered.


this is a green one person camping tent with large capacity

Usually a one-person tent is small, but some unique tents with more room can be found. Two rooms in one-person tent help you have a better rest. Besides, whether you are camping alone or not, it is also useful.


a man in an orange tent with a bike on its side

The different types of camping request the varying weight of tents. When you are going camping, you need to foresee how much weight can you carry. Tents made from ultralight materials meet special purposes for camping or hiking. Tents with guy lines, like non-freestanding tents,are lighter than freestanding tents with dedicated poles. but freestanding tents can be build everywhere. And the weight of tents will not become trouble when you make a car camping.


the outside of this tent is green and the inside is orange what's more, it has a blue bed for great relaxing

Different weather require various tents. For example,three-season tents are used in the rain;two-season tents are used in the sun,and four-season tents are asked in winter.


this tent is green and it is light, and it has a black floor inside

It’s difficult to pack tents owe to their size,and what we can do is practicing packing. It will be easier to pack when you use tents with thin materials.

Ease of use:

setting on the mountain, the man standing in front of this blue tent feels comfortable

Before choosing your tent,it’s vital to know whether it’s easy to set in bad weather. Practice pitching the tent is also important before you use it.


a man is setting up this orange tent, and it is easy to set up

This is a critical factor to think. Durable tents protect you from suffering terrible things. To choose a durable tent,you have to review other advice.

There is a big problem where you should buy a tent? You can choose in term of comparison.

There are the best one-person tents in the top five.

Hubba tents is a classic one-person backpacking tent. It has many advantages,like large space, special material; ease of use and well ventilated. What’s more,there is much useful design you will admit. All the tent poles can be connected by two hubs to provide ventilation. Besides, its special design in its door and bathtub floor will make you feel amazing. But this tent is expensive.

As a remarkably durable tent,the Fly Greek is another choice because it’s made of ultralight materials. Unlike other tents,this is a three-season tent. Although it is lightweight,it can survive in changing surroundings.

The Fly Greek tent has an enormous space, and it’s also ventilated and convenient. However, fragile center placement and extra postage make it weak.

This is another multifunctional tent that can be changed into one-person or two-person. Hornet is durable and sturdy,and it’s easy to set up and take down. This tent is also applied to other places. But maybe the interior space is not large.

Looking for a lightweight and durable best one-person tent, you can choose Marmot Eos.

It is also convenient, light, and spacious. You can make a replacement by using it because this tent is cheaper than others. However, you have to buy a groundsheet.

Kelty is the most expensive tent because it has more functions than others. For example, footprint; floor seams, and gear loft. It can consider as the best one-person tent because of its ultralight weight and convenience.

There are many various designs and sizes in one-person tents. When you buy a tent, you should think of two factors: budget and reviews,which help you have a wonderful trip.