The ideal best backpacking tent is lightweight, spacious, and durable. Moreover, now, with the help of tent technology, you are provided with many options. To choose a perfect tent, even an easy set-up tent, you must read the following article.

1.     Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL3

four person are sleeping in this tent

Copper spur is the best backpacking tent. The lightweight, enough space, and simple operation of this tent make it outstanding. However, the drawbacks of this tent are durability and price. And the material of this tent spurs our concern about its lifespan. Besides, it is expensive.

2.     REI Co-op Passage 2

this tent with long tent poles stands on the ground

Passage 2 is considered as the best budget backpacking tent, and it’s an ideal tent for people who only get out for a vacation. Besides, it is also durable and light. But the shortcoming of this tent is that in modern society, its tent poles design is out-of-date.

3.     Zpacks Duplex

this is a blue tent setting up on the yard

The weight of Zpacks Duplex is light, which also makes it easy to set up. Besides, this tent is adjustable and secure. In conclusion, no ultralight tent is perfect; in bad weather, this tent may make you feel cold. Also, the operation of the Zpacks Duplex is complex.

4.     MSR Hubba Hubba NX

Hubba NX is not the lightest nor most spacious tent; however, it also can satisfy us in many aspects. Besides, it has wonderful weather resistance. Unfortunately, compared with its competitor, it is a bit pricier and heavier.

5.     REI Co-op Half Dome 2 Plus

in front of this yellow, a woman is sitting there

The Half Dome provides backpackers with everything, and it also has many features, like good quality; easy setup and takes down; reasonable price and a nice set. However, what we don’t like is its heavyweight.

6.     Nemo Dagger 2P

For backpackers who have to require for livability and durability, Nemo Dagger can be the best backpacking tent. And this tent is light and comfortable. Although the rank of Nemo Dagger was changed, we need to know it’s worth reconsidering it as our option in 2019.

7.     Marmot Tungsten 2P

this yellow tent has one door, standing among trees

This tent is relatively satisfied because of its friendly price and all the features that most backpackers need. Besides, its unique material provides both ventilation and privacy. Unfortunately, considering the price and other factors, we’d choose other tents.

8.     Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL2

a man is setting up this white tent

Big Agnes is exceptionally lightweight, and it’s more livable than the Nemo Hornet. On the contrary, the semi-freestanding design makes it difficult for pitching on the rock.

9.     Hilleberg Anjan GT

a man makes a camping in the suburb, with a red long tent

This tent is different from other tents. It has a premium build and the biggest vestibule, which makes it unique. However, when you want to choose Hilleberg as your tent, you need to learn some notes firstly.

10.  REI Co-op Quarter Dome 1

this is a gray tent used by an old man

Quarter Dome was redesigned and added more headroom and a much larger vestibule, which offers full space for you. Like Copper Spur, the material on its thin side has an impact on durability.

11.  Tarptent Double Rainbow

on the top of mountain, there is a gray tent with large space

Tarptent is inexpensive for a lightweight tent, and it has a roomy interior. Besides, Tarptent can shelter you from stormy. But, it also has shortcomings. We need to cost extra expense.

12.  Hyperlite Mountain Gear Dirigo 2

there is asmall white tent on the ground,and it is beautiful due to the sunshine

Hyperlite is a true all-in-one system, and it is sturdy. But it is heavier and more expensive.

Best Backpacking Tent Buying Advice​​​

To choose the best backpacking tent, we should take many factors into consideration. For example, interior space; durability; protection; weight; ventilation; price and operation. Weight is divided into two types: packaged weight and minimum weight, and they both have different functions.

Although weight is critical for a tent, we can’t accurately give a standard for it. Interior space is depended on Floor Area, Peak Height, and Walls. And both of their measurement is important; we should take it seriously. Storage includes vestibules and interior pockets, and they have a different effect. But it is hard to say which one is more significant, it all up to what you need.

Usually, the durability of tents is connected with its weight. But this is not the perfect way to judge its durability. According to manufactures, high tear strength and long lifespan are more important than weight.

Rainfly can protect us from the natural disaster, but it is also essential to make a seam sealing. Furthermore, the tent structure should also be considered. Ventilation has been influenced by many factors. And rainfly is one of the factor; then manufactures have come up with a solution to solve it.

Price is another element influencing your choice. For most real campers, an expensive tent is necessary. In contrast, for common backpackers, a useful but not very expensive tent is the best backpacking tent.

With technology developing, modern tents become more and more easy to set up. To choose an easy tent, it will save you time and makes you fantastic.