In modern society, more and more styles of tents come out. For making your friends and family experience a comfortable camping trip, Ozark trail 4-person 8′ x 7′ instant a-frame tent is a fantastic beginning. Can you think of how amazing it is? Now, the more details are as follows, after reading this article, you will know it deeply.


it is a a-frame tent which is built on the ground and the beautiful cloud in the sky and some trees are there

People can easily set up Ozark trail 4-person 8′ x 7′ instant a-frame tent in 30 seconds. We don’t need to assemble the four-person a-shaped tent because the pole has been pre-installed on the canvas. The only you should do is to unfold the tent and then extend the tent. It can comfortably accommodate a large air cushion bed, and four campers can sleep in bags. And large steel rod awnings can protect people from sunshine and bad weather. Using durable poly/cotton tent and its oversized side vents are convenient to ventilate at night. You can also keep yourself ordered and be connected to organizational pockets and electrical port channels. This bed bag can hold 22 inches of large air cushions and comes with adjustable straps to ensure the safety of bed skirts and mattresses。The hooded coat stays warm all night, and the extra foot space provides home with comfort. This air bed matches some pillows and storage bags in order to make the night more joyful. Take these camping tents and mattresses with you for your next adventure.

The Material of the Tent Pole

there are some orange aluminum tent poles and a blue tent which attract people's attention

Aluminum tent poles are the mainstream of the modern market. The Ozark trail 4-person 8′ x 7′ instant a-frame tent also uses Aluminum tent poles which is not easy to bend, and the work is excellent, and the appearance is smooth, the interface is compact, the paint is bright and not easy to fall off. What’s more, the aluminum tent poles will be a little lighter. The aluminum rod is conductive. However, when thunderstorms, when the lightning strikes the glass rod tent and the aluminum pole tent, the damage caused by the aluminum pole tent will be less. What another fantastic point is that after people broke the aluminum rod, the fracture is a cross-section. If people use the pole repair kit, people can repair it for the temporary use immediately. The most attractive point is its light texture and high elasticity. Generally, we can nest 4 meters long 8MM aluminum rod into a circle, and after bending for a long time, it can rebound to a straight bar after being released!

The Material of Account Cloth

it is one part of the tent and the cloth can be seen clearly and there are some bags for people to use

The tent has the functions of windproof, rainproof, snow-proof, cold-proof, dustproof and anti-mosquito, and isolates an independent and safe personal space for outdoor athletes in the wild environment. The materials of the account cloth are so important obviously. The outer account is the protective layer of the tent. Ozark trail 4-person 8′ x 7′ instant a-frame tent uses 190T coated polyester to make the account cloth; the thickness and texture of the coating determine the rain resistance of the canvas. The surface of 190T coated polyester is durable and wear-resistant and tear-proof, and the external look is also critical. The most common tent coating is polyester, which is one of the most commonly used synthetic fibers, it has excellent wrinkle resistance, elasticity and dimensional stability, and sound insulation properties, so people can keep the exterior of tent beautiful and attractive. The account is also waterproof and durable wear resistance. Because the account has elasticity, it is durable, anti-wrinkle. Besides, the 190T coated has excellent light fastness. Choose Ozark

The Capacity

it is a green ozark trail a-frame dome tent sitting on the ground and the door is like the letter"A"

This kind of tent is also a 4 person tent; you can go camping with your Mum, Dad, Brother or Sister. The 4 person tent is suitable for small family activities; we won’t miss one of them. The shelter can contain one queen air bed which has a pillow for you; this big bed is suitable for four people sleeping. Accessories such as bags, nails, and ropes also affect the use of tents, this tent is sturdy, convenient, and the size is suitable for being used as 4 person tent, at the edge of the inner ledger, and there are a lot of hanging bags that can store a lot of things for us. This tent has some basic needs for camping, when you go for a campsite, take it, you will have a brilliant experience.

After reading this article, I believe you have known the Ozark trail 4-person 8′ x 7′ instant a-frame tent well. If you want to camp with your family, its low price, good quality and beautiful exterior will be the reason for your choice. If you want to go camping next time, take it!