Big family camping or large group family tents have become more and more popular in recent years. Due to the popularity of outdoor weddings, more and more big tent party chooses outdoor wedding tents, most of which are made of steel tent poles. Because it makes the tent stronger and safer. In general, the interior of these tents is so large that they can even hold dozens of people, the spacious domed tents allow the big tent party to move comfortably and freely, and the steel tent poles plus high-strength fiberglass frames provide stability, which is much more durable and reliable than other spring systems.


Big tent party often like to choose large group tents that are used in both sunny and rainy climates. In summer, a single inner tent with large screen windows is used to prevent mosquitoes and breathe. It can be kept dry indoors in winter or rainy days, and these features can really prompt users who hold outdoor activities to consider and buy. Through the use of durable and sturdy tent poles, waterproof polyester fabrics, and wind ropes, the whole big family camping become more reliable when needed. For luxury big family tents, hanging lanterns from the ceiling are indispensable. This large group tent is a multi-purpose and multi-purpose tent. You can use it not only at camping, but also at extended family gatherings. It’s more useful than an ordinary beach tent.

the spacious domed tent allow the big tent party to move comfortably and freely

Large family tents selected by big tent party are widely praised for their functionality and durability and can provide a wide range of interesting design options for any outdoor wedding space. No matter what color the tent is, these flexible structures add a stylish element to cocktail time, outdoor rituals and even outdoor receptions. The big tent party can also choose tents with beautiful structure and decoration according to their own needs, and even ugly tent poles can be packaged and processed into amazing green plants and tall vines. Businesses utilize a series of ceiling fixtures to set the tone for your party, but the big tent party can also come up with innovative ideas. A wide variety of whimsical decorations, creative lighting, and custom floors are the best parts to help bring the customer’s big family party to its best.

you can use it not only at camping, but also at extended family gatherings

If the big tent party needs a wedding tent, then a diverse of sizes and materials can be chosen. By improving the skills inside the tent, understanding the structure that suits the customer and integrating warmth into the exquisite design, which will contribute to the success of your large family event. For ideas that go beyond wedding specifications, some of the industry’s top suppliers will also provide their expertise to make the infrastructure of family tents more memorable. Soft flowers, chandeliers and romantic curtains of soy milk become conspicuous devices. The flowers hanging horizontally above the head table will be highlighted in a unique way, which will make the newlyweds the focus of the event. Careful decoration and fully use of the spatial structure of the tent can create a luxurious and intimate environment. Hanging flower device has gradually become the main popular trend in 2019. Ascending floral designs can also free up space on desk of the big tent party . Of course, a canopy can be opened at the top of the tent to allow sufficient sunlight to permeate the whole space, which will make the whole family party atmosphere more warm and pleasant.

these steel tent poles plus high-strength fiberglass frames provide stability

Large and comfortable chairs, coffee tables and benches can be placed in the middle of the tent, just as you do in the big tent party’s own home, hanging chandeliers overhead can take the indoor environment out. Comfortable space will encourage friends and family to sit down and chat all night, while enjoying the atmosphere and decoration of the tent.

Large family tent or wedding tent will generally use the principle of structural mechanics to design the frame, and some big tent party will use the gas pressure characteristics to expand the airbag to form a certain rigid column through the organic combination to hold up the skeleton of the tent. With the strength of the skeleton material, the load-bearing size of the tent can be set, and the performance of the polymer coating determines the service life of the frame and the maintenance of the steel tent pole. The rationality of the gas chamber determines the limit of the frame. Although these tents are large, they are not too difficult to dismantle. As long as people master certain dismantling skills, it can also be completed in a very short time to install or remove to save valuable time, and lining will make the insulation will be better.

more and more people choose big tent party to hold their outdoor weddings

Some big tent party will use adhesive bonding and high-frequency thermal bonding technology production, tarpaulin use waterproof, anti-ultraviolet material, make the tent has high intensity, fire resistance, anti-ultraviolet, moisture-proof and other advantages. There are also huge tents on the market, some with multiple rooms and 100% waterproof family tents with very good quality for maximum comfort. The spacious large family tent can accommodate more than 10 king-size mattresses or dozens of sleeping bags, plus steel poles and a waterproof design that makes camping for extended families more comfortable and enjoyable.

the big tent party can also be beautiful if structure and decoration are applied according to your own needs

In conclusion, the big tent party prefers much more spacious and bright tent design of family camping. If a tent pole is added, it will make the whole family more reliable and safe. Typically, this type of big family tent usually has huge internal space and excellent ventilation. Although every product has two sides, campers of the big tent party can make a wise choice according to the actual situation.