Large camping tents with rooms are ideal for mixed groups. If you travel with more people such as family and good friends, you need a bigger multi-room tent. So we highly recommend some of the best 3 room tents or instant cabin tents for families or group campers. 3 room tent has a fixed internal tent space and good weather resistance. It has a spacious and flexible partition, which is very suitable for family camping. These are all part of the tent, and the zipper door of the 3 room tent can separate the inner space in the room. So if its space can hold plenty of people, it is easy or difficult to set up.

There is an added benefit in choosing a 3 room tent. These extra rooms are not just for sleeping, such as, if the number of campers is small, they may use only two rooms to sleep, while the other room can be used to change clothes. With these ideas, the extra room can even be used as a portable toilet home. The point depends on how campers would like to use space fully. Even if buyers don’t particularly want a tent with a separate room, they can now consider how to use the extra room to do something meaningful.

this large camping tents with rooms are ideal for mixed groups

A 3 room tent, as its name suggests, is a three-bedroom tent that is 18 feet long and 10 feet wide and can hold 10 or more people. As far as the price is concerned, the price of the tent for three people is relatively moderate, and the average person can afford it. It’s like a cabin tent, with straighter walls and square rooms, more space for residents, and hooks that can easily hang any camper’s clothes.

The 3 room tent also has some flexibility in design, with two compartments that can be easily installed or removed, so you can switch between three rooms or one large room without having to set it up for too long.

There are many advantages of 3 room tent. First of all, campers can quickly install and put away the tent, although it is relatively large, once you get the hang of the design, you can set up a separate cabin tent. It’s even easier to put it away than some smaller tents, and it’s easier to wrap it up and store it. Secondly, the 3 room tent is suitable for families or mixed camping groups, its divider is easy to set up and can provide private space for mixed groups, but the 3 room tent can also provide open space for family meals if necessary. Finally, the 3 room tent can effectively protect against rain and has bright windows allowing the sun to shine in for a moment. In a muggy climate, the air vents around the tent also help keep it cool.

if you travel with more people such as family and good friends, you need this tent

But the 3 room tent also has some inevitable shortcomings. The first is the exhaust problem: these same air inlets do not have ready-made zippers. If campers camp in windy places, it will make indoor protection more difficult. The second is that the poles of the tent are not particularly secure. If camping in the strong wind, the pole bends easily, which causes the tent to fold automatically. Therefore, this type of 3 room tent is not suitable for setting up a camp in windy weather conditions. Finally, the 3 room tent is heavy plus the handbag, the total weight is more than 50 pounds, so it is not so easy to carry.

CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent with enough space is a  kind of tent  that has sufficient internal space for a large number of families or friends to go camping. It can hold a full-size air cushion, clothes, and equipment, as well as a few chairs and small tables. It also has a six-foot ceiling, and campers can stand up straight. 

3 room tent has a fixed internal tent space and good weather resistance

The tent is well ventilated, with windows at both ends and two windows in front, including doors. Furthermore, if it does not rain, the whole top of the tent is reticulated. It also has floor vents, a structure that other tents do not have. If you go to a breezy place, the air will easily penetrate the tent, bringing the campers a sense of comfort. In addition, it is easy for campers to set up a tent, which has about 12 hooks to secure the tent and make it more reliable. The cabin tent contains a mesh gear trap across the back wall of it, which is truly handy for family campers. Campers can watch their 7-inch tablets in their tents and watch movies in bed.

But no matter how good things are, there are two sides. This tent also has some shortcomings. The first is that the door zippers may drive campers nuts because the curve of the upper right corner of the door with the zipper is difficult to navigate.

The second drawback is that although the tent has proper installation instructions, buyers need to figure out how to break it down on their own, and the tent has no video on the subject.

it has a spacious and flexible partition, which is very suitable for family camping

All in all, the 3 room tent and the instant cabin tent are affordable and of good quality. Typically, this type of tent has a shutter door that lets campers in or out of the tent without landing on their hands and knees. They have abundant of internal space, good ventilation, and are easy for campers to use. Although everything has two sides, campers can choose wisely according to the actual situation.