What do we do now?

Funny Tent is established to provide customers with the most practical information about the tent, helping outdoor enthusiasts choose the most suitable tent and become the most sensible buyer. Here are various tents we have collected. We divided the tents into four categories, each of which has a detailed description of the relevant tents. We have Amazon’s purchase link behind some contents so that you can click on the purchase directly.

Our service tenet

We aim to provide outdoor sports enthusiasts with the most reliable information to help them find appropriate tents in a wide range of goods, thus improving the outdoor camping experience. Accompanied by the mountains, sleeping under the sky filled with stars is the best experience we hope the recommended tent will bring to you. Encouraging more people to participate in outdoor activities and enjoying a healthy lifestyle are our greatest missions. We are looking forward to bringing the most value to our visitors with the best user experience.

What can you get?

Some precautions for outdoor tent use; Knowledge about purchasing tents to make you become a wise buyer; Better experiences with outdoor sports.